call me kerkko (*^-^) i love cute things, metal, im autistic, aroace, nb, vegan, anarchist and animist (⁎˃ᆺ˂)


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Glaceon day

It's Glaceon day!

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orange blossom miku for this year's mikumikucollab

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fakery tale miku for this year's mikumikucollab

TV Head

I wanted to hop onto the TV head/vaporwave aesthetic. So this is what came out lmao

-Do NOT Repost, steal, copy, etc!-

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Atlantica form Skuld!

Pretty little mermaid. ^^ She was so fun to do with the delicate pinks and purples- making her look soft and feminine and keeping a night theme while making her bright and colorful. She has sprinkle star-like scales on her shoulders and forearms too.





if I told 5-years-ago-me that I'll eventually look into a fire emblem game they wouldve laughed in my face

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i love my daughter and son and daughter

yeet my beets

another dtiys from intagram

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kaa -

- The spirit koi fish -

A yokai I drew for a book about japanese demons (A french anthologie of short stories)

1/5 demons

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they put bees in minecraft

lime -

oh no a baby


miles-edgeworth -

since i'm new here here's some of my art

my voidsona, a paper demon

and the melanodon, an oc i guess.

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1/2 for keithculting

Art by me

Suspicious Fox

Could do a lot more with this but I have no motivation. Clearing out the unfinished stuff so I don't have it bugging me.

Mrs Prower

Decided to draw my own idea of Tails' mom. She's a powerful kitsune on the same level as the monsters Sonic has faced like Chaos and Solaris. She's also irresponsible which is why she hasn't gone to look for Tails. Like Calypso from POTC. She figures Sonic's doing good enough. So like a chaotic neutral.

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i wanted to draw sum pretty Gems and i saw Her........ blue lady.. for Fox_Nezze on Artfight!

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drawing of Cinder, idk what it was based off of, since this was drawn a while a go. Like it was drawn of 20 May. so off, And I just realised I did her tail too fat, its meant to be a somewhat skinny tail. Kill me

Cinder belongs to me

(Reblogs are appreciated/Don’t repost art without permission/Don't trace my art/Please don't take my art and claim it as your own)